UMI3 Downloads

UMI3 User's Manual

UMI3 Setup Panel Application Version 0.94

The UMI3 setup panel is available here for download at no charge.

Note: These files are not installers. They contain the bare executables to be copied wherever convenient. Although this application only performs what the user interface suggests, some malware protection systems might identify it as a potential threat. If this is the case make an exception for it or launch it manually.

Full Circle User's Manual

Full Circle App Version 0.90c

Important: After downloading and installing the following files, Full Circle should run, but the UMI3 will remain locked, unable to send commands to Full Circle until an unlock code is provided to the application. This unlock code is specific to your UMI3. Unlock codes for this version of Full Circle are free of charge and can be obtained by sending an e-mail with your UMI3's digital serial number to The digital serial number of the UMI3 appears in the settings form in Full Circle if it is properly connected.