UMI3 MIDI Over USB Foot Controller

The UMI3 is a USB foot controller which shows up as a class MIDI device on Mac or PC. No driver installation is required. It is powered through USB. Each of its three switches can be configured to send any type of short MIDI message (note on/off, continuous controller, program changes...) An external expression pedal can be connected to the "exp" input which can be configured to send any continuous controller message. A status LED indicates power and USB activity. The enclosure is made out of steel.

This controller is ideal to control events and parameters in digital audio workstations or loop based recording programs when performance renders access to a mouse impractical.

A Setup Panel for the UMI3 is available for Mac OSX and Windows. It allows configuration of the UMI3 and can also work as a sequencer. When the "Auto Step" feature is enabled for one or more of the switches, the panel steps through each of up to 8 different configuration memories and sends them to the UMI3 on the fly when the corresponding button is released. Control or note sequences can be easily created and stepped through using this features. A button can also be set to autostep the sequence of another to achieve "next page" type functionality.

The panel uses a custom USB pipe to access the UMI3 so that no conflict can exist between itself and the application which uses the MIDI stream.

Full Circle: A free standalone looping app to use with the UMI3

Full Circle is a standalone software looper for Mac OSX and Windows designed to get the maximum functionality out of the UMI3s three foot switches. Full Circle features three looping tracks, each operated by one UMI3 foot switch. Each track offers unlimited overdubbing, a one level deep undo and muting/un-muting all at the command of the foot. Each track also features extensive channel strip processing and a bus reverb.

Full Circle + UMI3 together provide as much looping fun as the most expensive hardware looping pedals available.