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October 09 2019 – [UMI3] Version 0.94 Setup Panel

The UMI3 Setup Panel is now a 64-bit application. Version 0.94 also includes a few minor changes. Get the new version

November 21 2018 – [UMI3] Glamorous sighting of two UMI3s

9 years after its launch, the UMI3 is still going strong. It has just been spotted in a great setting. In this video the legendary keyboard player uses 2 UMI3s to trigger his software looper. The pedals are used throughout the improvisation. At the 30:25 mark, he explains a bit about his looping setup and we see both UMI3s, "and it's really cool!".

March 6 2016 – [EPSi] Spring reverb blind test

One of our users made an impulse response of the spring tank of his classic guitar tube amp. He then made the following recording of a side by side blind test of the real thing vs. its IR used on the EPSi. See if you can tell the difference.

February 19 2014 – [EPSi] Version C for EPSi is here

We completed Version C for EPSi, a firmware version for Cabinet Speaker and Room simulation. The convolution engine was tweaked to achieve zero latency. The total analog in to analog out latency is 1.0ms most of it due to the converters. The convolution window was brought down to 1.5 s. That is still 65536 samples or 64x1024 “points”- 2 channels of that. We also added a handy tone control type EQ. This is what it sounds like with just an overdrive pedal. Version C EPSis ship now.

January 6 2014 – [EPSi] Announcing EPSi

After two years of development we are proud to launch a great new hardware product. A reverb stomp box based on convolution. See what it is all about.

September 27 2011 – [FC] New Product Announcement

We are putting the last touches on an exciting new companion product for the UMI3: Full Circle, a standalone 3-track software looper with effects for Mac and PC. Check out the Youtube video below to get an idea of what this is all about. We hope to put up a beta version of the program for download on this web site by October 20. Unlock codes for that version will be free!